Why did you decide to write romance, particular erotic romance?

I have been reading romance for more than twenty years and have always loved the ones which were ‘naughtier’… the ones that opened the bedroom door and showed us inside. When I discovered Erotica (through Ellora’s Cave, who became my first publisher) I knew I’d found a genre that I wanted to explore.

So you seem to know a lot about the BDSM lifestyle and threesomes… That means you’re in the lifestyle, right?

You can write about murder but no one asks how many people you killed. I’m attracted to writing about BDSM relationships because of the level of communication and the trust dynamics that are involved. I loved delving into the psychology of the D/s relationship, understanding the power exchange and exploring the deep emotional bonds that are formed through these relationships. In many ways, the BDSM relationships are much more “healthy” than people thing in that communication is key.

How many books do you write each year?

I don’t know yet. When I was working full-time it was a challenge to write one. But so far in the last twelve months I’ve written two novels, two novellas and two short stories. I’d like to think I won’t lose that momentum.

Now that you are working on the Men of Steele Novellas, are the Men of Steele series done?

No! But there are only so many people who work at Steele Construction. However, in the last book, Finding Dani, readers will remember that they were looking at buying a landscaping company. That opens up new characters and scenarios.

How many Men of Steele Novellas are you planning?

At least three, because there are two stories already percolating in my head. Gina needs a new boyfriend. And we need to explore the relationship of Patrick and Samantha.

Your first historical novel is coming out in the fall… is it a standalone?

It is at this time. I had always wanted to write one – I grew up loving Virginia Henley and Joanna Lindsey. I needed to try one of my own. But there are other characters within that story and I can see going back and telling their stories at some point.

Are there any other genres you are looking to explore?

I have a paranormal series that I want to write. Sexy immortals and the witches and were-animals who love them. Additionally, I hope one day to write a cozy mystery, which is my own guilty pleasure.